Safe, Reliable Service for all occasions:

  • Corporate Meetings

  • Shopping

  • Designated Driver

  • Doctor/Hospital Appointments

  • Airport/Piers

  • One Way Trips

  • Broadway/Opera/Concerts/Sporting Events

  • Unique Situations

  • Service Appointments


Corporate Meetings
You can prepare documents and make last minute phone calls on your way to important meetings with no worries about where you'll park.
If you have out of town meetings in Boston, Baltimore, Washington D.C. or anywhere else, you can be driven in comfort and not have to worry about traffic to the airport, security screenings or weather delays. You will find that our prices are lower than the Shuttle and best of all you go door-to-door.
If you like to stop at a few stores while on your shopping excursions you can now do so without worrying about parking and leaving important packages in your car.
Designated Driver
Hire a driver not a lawyer!
New York State recently reduced the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) from .10 BAC to .08 BAC. This means that it's even easier to be charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). In most areas the police are authorized to seize the vehicle of a suspected drunk driver and sell it at auction. Don't risk an accident, injuries, loss of license or the forfeiture of your vehicle. Relax, have fun and leave the driving to us.
Doctor/Hospital Appointments
Maybe you won't feel 100% after your visit. Maybe you just don't want to drive and worry about parking near the hospital. Either way we'll be waiting to take you home.
Skip long term parking and dragging your luggage to a shuttle bus. Safe Ride chauffeurs will drop you off at the terminal, safely park your car in your driveway and then pick you up when you return.
One Way Trips
If you're going to your country home after a busy week you might not feel like spending hours in stop and go traffic. Let Safe Ride do the driving and you can read the newspaper, relax and arrive refreshed. Your Safe Ride driver will return to the city on the LIRR or the Jitney.*

If you need your car relocated one way to or from Florida or anywhere else give Safe Ride a call and we'll get it there safely.

*Additional charges apply.
Enjoy your night out, we'll do the driving. Safe Ride will drop you off at the entrance and pick you up in the same place.
Unique Situations
At Safe Ride we're always open to new ideas. Just give us a call at 888-990-SAFE to discuss your special needs.
Service Appointments
If your car needs to go to the dealer for service but you don't have the time to bring it in yourself just give Safe Ride a call and we'll bring it in for you.